Seamless communication

Timely notifications for maximum use of the charging gear.

Easily report faults and concerns to the destination staff.

Your destination with peace of mind for vehicle charging

Charger availability

Put your name up on our wait list and we will keep you updated as the charger becomes available so you don't have to keep following up on it.

Time to move

Although your car might be able to tell you when it's done charging, it's easy to forget checking up, we will send you a gentle reminder if you're running behind.

Report concerns

Report problems with malfunctioning equipment, bad actors or other concerns back to the destination staff.

Privacy at heart

Your details are never seen by other drivers or the venue.

We anonymously convey messages to everyone waiting to charge.

Your destination with peace of mind for vehicle charging

All under wraps

On arrival simply scan the QR code displayed at the the connector. We securely store your details with us and ensure it’s never shared with other drivers.

Encrypted at rest

We keep you posted via SMS when the charger becomes available. No apps or signups necessary. Just scan and enjoy your time at the destination.


We're GDPR compliant. Your personal data only belongs to you. Relay provides an anonymous wait list without compromising on privacy.

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Making it easier to charge efficiently at destinations,

by breaking the communication barrier.

Your destination with peace of mind for vehicle charging


These are the early days of electric transport. As an EV adopter you've made a commitment towards sustainable transport. Timing the charges gives you a chance to meet other like minded people.


Charging your car is a necessity not a focus. We mediate all conversations to enhance your experience from a privacy and customer service perspective.


Your destination is a temporary stop, so we focused on building technology that does not require you to install an app or sign up for accounts. We built it using the simplest ingredients.