On arrival

No app, no sign up required by the driver.

Scan and get started.

Your destination with peace of mind for vehicle charging

Available to charge

When your guests plug in and charge, they tell us how long they will be. Once they leave, we let others know that there's a free spot. In case they forget we tap them to check if they are still there.

Waiting to charge

Arrive to find someone already charging? Your guests can scan in and securely leave their details with us. We will keep tabs on when there's a free spot and let the next person know.

Unable to charge

Don't let your guests get disappointed by a non-operational charger. Your guests can report the charger. The system already knows the charger they are at. We ask them all the relevant details you need to help get charging again.

Timely messaging

Simple SMS based reminders for everyone waiting.

Lets your guests enjoy, while we keep an eye on the charger.

We keep your customers informed and reminded

On availability

As chargers become available, we send the wait list a notification so everyone can charge up timely and the venue gets the most use out of the infrastructure.

Staying too long?

It's easy to lose sight of your car's status. We send gentle reminders so guests can be considerate of others waiting to use the infrastructure.

Weighted wait list

First come first serve, we remind the person who's next on the wait list. In case they are unavailable to use the charger, we work through the list until we find the next person and make sure no one loses their chance.

Keep them rolling

Guests chat while they cross paths swapping spots.

Your infrastructure gets the most use.

We keep your customers informed and reminded


As drivers move their cars they get a chance to talk to each other as they are more likely to cross paths while using the infrastructure.


We keep all the details securely stored so none of the guests have to exchange details, making for a friendly experience for everyone.


Works across all mobile platforms because we are built upon the lowest common denominator.

On the record

Gain visibility for the venue on the infrastructure use.

Privately communicate with your guests while they charge.

We keep your customers informed and reminded

Charging history

Keep a record of your visitors for customer service and in case of disasters. Everything is securely stored and only accessible to people with permission.

Reach out

Reach out to guests if you are trying to resolve complex situations or just to find out if everything is going to their expectations all without revealing their personal details.


View statistics of usage and how your EV charging infrastructure is assisting your venue gain new customers. Learn about your average time spent by a user, and what types of cars are visiting your venue.